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About Us

The AsciiDoc Working Group drives the standardization, adoption, and evolution of AsciiDoc. The primary objective of this group is to develop specifications for the AsciiDoc language and APIs for processing it. This group encourages and shapes the open, collaborative development of the AsciiDoc language and its implementations.

The best way to participate is the AsciiDoc chat. The more formal communications, announcements and voting are done on the mailing lists.


You’ll meet a lot of the participating members here and will receive timely answers. This is where fresh ideas spark. You can read the public channels without registering, but will need to register to see more channels and to post messages.

Once you joined, feel invited to post a short welcome message to the “introduce yourself” topic to join the discussions.

Mailing List asciidoc-wg

Used to discuss the vision, scope, and governance of the AsciiDoc Working Group as well matters relating to the AsciiDoc community as a whole.

Mailing List asciidoc-lang-dev

Used to discuss development of the AsciiDoc language project. Topics include the AsciiDoc language specification and compliance, the Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) for validating the specification and for developing compliant implementations, and the user-facing documentation for the language.

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